Get Ready for Band Camp 2017

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Band Camp will run from 9am-8pm Monday through Thursday, August 21-August 24th. Friday August 25th will be from 9am-5pm. Band camp will be held at Ferndale High School?


On Friday September 1st, they will return from band retreat in the afternoon and prepare for the first home game of the season that night. We will be feeding them dinner so they will not be home until after the game.

Kids needs to bring a sack lunch everyday and we will feed them a snack and a hot meal for dinner on the nights that band camp lasts until 8pm. There will be another email going out with signups for food donations.

All of the paperwork that needs to be filled out (except for the swim form which we will have the first day of band camp) is online. You will need to log on to your child’s skyward account, both the parent account and the students account, and fill out all of the paperwork there, before band camp on the 22nd.

We will have a pre registration night on August 17th in the band room from 4-6pm, where you can come in and pay the $175 band fee, signup for food, sign the swim form, and ask any questions you may have. You will also be able to get the music for the fall show that day as well.





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