February 2018 Marching Band Minutes

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Start:  6:30pm

Attendance:  Tasha Miller, Amy Fox, Cindy Kudsk, Penny Walker, Jennifer Petersen, Wendy Burnett, Jennifer Vogelzang, Rachel Ives, Steve Menefee and Tricia Bravener

Reading of minutes:  Jennifer Petersen read the minutes: Penny Walker approved and Tricia Bravener 2nd. Motion passed.

Director’s report:  Thought the kids played well and it was a fantastic concert. Some kids are competing in an upcoming competition. Basketball will be starting. Need to attend 5 out of 6 games. Need to report to band room at 6:45pm.

Treasure’s report:  $8000 in checking and $32,000 in savings with interest of $6.63. We made $159.79 at the bake sale last concert. Rachel Ives said she can sell the Fred Meyer’s gift cards at the next concert along with the bake sale. Everyone liked how the donation jars worked for the bake sale and how the goodies were easy to grab.

Committee reports:

Volunteer: Bake sale- Rachel Ives said she could watch the table at the next concert in March and sell Fred Meyer’s gift cards. Please let Wendy Burnett know if you want gift cards. You are able to purchase them anytime.

Unfinished business:

Band gear: Design should be decided on buy end of the week for band kids to purchase.

Basketball schedule:

Jan 8th Monday; Jan 11th Thursday; Jan 22nd Monday; Jan 25th Thursday; Jan 19 Monday; February 6th Friday

Fundraising:  Jennifer Vogelzang will head up Butterbraids, March 5-16 and should be back before Easter(April 1). She is also looking into dates for the next Trinkets and Treasures. Penny Walker looked into idea of taking over Muds to Suds. Whatcom event would hand everything over to us. We thought that would take too many volunteers to depend on for us to handle and too big of a project for us to take on to have it work correctly. Penny Walker is looking into a 5k Fund Run that may be able to be held at Hovander Park. She was looking at April 28th for a date to have it. She still has to meet with parks department to check on schedules.

Rachel Ives set up and Applebee’s fundraising event for January 26th, 2018. 15% of all proceeds go to the band. It is an all day event, dine or to go!

End: 7:27pm