March 2018 Marching Band Minutes

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March 1, 2018

FHS Band Booster

Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 6:32pm

In Attendance: Jennifer Vogelzang, Tricia Bravener, Wendy Burnett, Jennifer Petersen, Rachael Ives, Lisa Drinkwater, Julie Scholten, Penny Walker, Steve Menefee

Reading of Minutes: Jennifer Petersen read the minutes from the February meeting. There was 1 amendment that needs to be taken care of: In the February minutes is says that March 19 will be the Port Townsend parade. It should say May 19th.

Directors Report: Been busy with the play. There are 10 seniors participating in the pit orchestra this year. The SJMEA contest at Western has been moved to May 26th. Anyone can come watch. It starts at 8am

Treasurers: It has been a quiet month. After the restricted funds we have $13,197.39 and $33,961.38. We have collected $225.00 in booth fees. We have $1,140.00 left in Fred Meyer gift cards. When they are gone we will not be getting anymore.

Uniforms: Dresses that were altered are back. Jennifer and Wendy are going to go in and make sure all the numbers match what is on each persons hanger.

Volunteer: We have 2 people signed up for the Trinkets and Treasure committee, could use a few more.

Unfinished Business:

Chipotle: Our March restaurant fundraiser will be at Chipotle on March 17th from 5pm-9pm. We need to bring in a minimum of $300 for this to work. If we do this we will get 50% donated to the band

Buffalo Wild Wings: They booked us for 2 dates, one of them in January. We raised $200.00 in January. We don’t know what was raised in February.

There will be no restaurant fundraiser in April, but will resume in May. Either Red Robin or Mod Pizza

Trinkets and Treasurers: Waiting for applications to come in.

Butterbraids: Forms were handed out last week and continue this upcoming week. Money and order forms are due on next week Friday March 9th.