Band Camp


Band camp is where the students receive and learn their parts for the fall show….it is the equivalent of “football” practice, and is required to participate.  It is a fun-filled time enjoyed by students and parents alike, one of our favorite parts of summer!  The band retreat is the following week and is a team-building opportunity filled with fun activities (and a little more show work).  Look for information on both to be emailed soon.

Band Camp 2019

2019 Band Camp Hours

Band Camp (Ferndale High School)


  • August 19th to 23rd   Time to be Determined
  • August 26th and 279th Time to be Determined

Band Retreat (Camp Lutherwood)

  • August 28th  to 30th Students arrive at the high school at 8:00 a.m. to take buses to Camp Lutherwood

Band Camp Forms, Fees, and Food

Wednesday August 14th will be uniform fittings and registration. All forms and fees are due at this time.  The items below will be needed in order for students to step on the field for band camp:

$175 School Fee

  • This fee goes to the school for participation in an extracurricular activity. This fee also pays for the band transportation to Camp Lutherwood, drill competitions, and parades.
  • There is also a fee for the ASB Card (I think $60) and a pay to play fee if your child is playing a sport other than band.

Athletic Participation Packet

  • Please fill out all sections except the physical.  This includes the health questions.  This form is found on Skyward.  Both student and parent need to log on and fill this out,  An email will be sent out from the school district towards the first part of August with user name(s) and password(s).  If you know yours you do not have to wait.

Uniform Contract and Fees

  • This will be handed out during the uniform fitting. The student and parent will need to sign
  • New Shoes are $30. Used shoes are $15. This needs only be payed once for all 4 years of high school marching. If a larger size is needed at a later date, the shoes will be exchanged.
  • $5 for gloves. Worn out gloves will be replaced at no charge. Lost gloves are $5.

Hold Harmless Agreement

  • Hold Harmless form needed for Band Retreat at Camp Lutherwood. This form allows the student to swim, canoe, or go anywhere near the water (yes, even if they just get their feet wet.)

Food donations

  • Food, Cash and Carry / Costco gift cards, or checks made out to FHS Band Boosters are needed for Band Camp and Band Retreat meals and snacks.  All items needed and the days they will be needed will be on The link for the sign ups will be sent via email and posted on the website.
  • Just a note – food / gift card / monetary donations will also be needed throughout the year at our different band events.  They will be announced via email, Facebook, and our website.  Keep your eyes peeled.


  • Volunteers are needed to chaperone not only at Band Camp and Band Retreat, but are needed throughout the year for half-time performances, competitions, parades, and all other band events
  • Don’t worry if you are not able to volunteer this time.  We have other events all year that will need your help too.  They will be announced via email. Facebook, and our website.  Once again, keep your eyes peeled.

On August 30th, the students will be bused to FHS for a tailgate dinner, then get in uniform to play pep band for the football game and perform the show (what is known so far) at half time.  Parents may pick up their student after the football game.  Please come watch and cheer!!

What to Bring to Band Camp


Band Camp at FHS

  • Instrument
  • Printed Music
  • Sack lunch every day.
  • Bring and wear Sunscreen!!!!!!
  • Hat and sunglasses (something that will keep the sun out of your eyes and off your head)
  • Comfortable shoes for a lot of marching – No Flip Flops!
  • Water bottle (No Soda! Water is the best option!)
  • 3 Ring Binder with sheet protectors for music
  • Dot or Drill Sheets
  • Highlighter
  • Sweatshirt or coat if it is raining – Dress appropriately for the weather
  • Don’t forget your music!


Band Retreat at Camp Lutherwood

All meals except Wednesday lunch will be provided.

  • Instrument
  • Printed Music
  • Drill pages
  • Sack lunch for the first day
  • Sunscreen!!!!!
  • Water bottle
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Toiletries
  • Towel for shower
  • Change of clothes for two days
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather
  • Swimsuit and towel
  • Sweatshirt and/or coat – it gets cold at night
  • Comfortable shoes for lots of marching’
  • Flip flops or sandals (optional for beach time)

Lastly, do not forget the most important thing in band – HAVE FUN!!!  We look forward to seeing you all and having another awesome year!


2017 FHS Band Camp Schedule

(Ferndale High School and Camp Lutherwood)

August 21 – August 24 (Monday – Thursday

  • 8:30                Check in – (August 21 only)
  • 9:00                Stretch
  • 9:30                Visual
  • 12:30              Lunch – All eating takes place outside – please leave your eating are clean
  • 1:15                Sectionals
  • 3:30                Break
  • 3:45                Visual – New Drill
  • 5:30                Dinner
  • 6:30                Learn more drill
  • 8:00                Dismissed

Friday/Monday/Tuesday August 25,28,29

  • 9:00                Stretch
  • 9:30                Visual
  • 12:30              Lunch – All eating takes place outside – please leave your eating area clean
  • 1:15                Music rehearsal
  • 3:00                Snack
  • 3:15                Ensemble rehearsal
  • 5:00                Dismissed

Wednesday August 30

  • 8:30                Arrive at FHS to load and depart for Lutherwood ASAP
  • 9:30                Arrive at Lutherwood/Unload equipment/move into cabins
  • 10:00              Visual
  • 12:00              Lunch – the one you packed – Freshmen eat together in the chapel
  • 12:45              Free time (swimming)
  • 3:30                Sectionals
  • 4:30                Music Ensemble
  • 5:30                Dinner
  • 6:30                Full Ensemble
  • 9:30                Snack
  • 11:00              Lights out

Thursday, August 31

  • 7:00                Wake and breakfast
  • 8:00                Visual
  • 12:00              Lunch – All eating takes place outside the dining hall
  • 12:45              Free time (swimming)
  • 3:30                Sectionals
  • 4:30                Music Ensemble
  • 5:30                Dinner
  • 6:30                Full Ensemble
  • 8:30                Free time and preparations for the group activity
  • 9:00                Group activity
  • 11:00              Lights out

Friday, September 1

  • 7:30                Wake up/breakfast
  • 8:30                Visual
  • 12:30              Lunch
  • 1:15                Free time (swimming)
  • 3:30                Clean and check out of lodges
  • 4:30                Depart for Ferndale
  • 5:00                Arrive in Ferndale for dinner
  • 6:00                On practice field in uniform
  • 7:00                First football game performance!