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May 2020 minutes

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Important dates and highlights:

  • Band Camp is August 17-21 & 24-28
  • Disneyland trip: May 2021
  • next meeting: August 6th @ 6:30

April 2020 minutes

Meeting cancelled due to Covid-19 shutdown

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Band Boosters’ Meeting – December 2017

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FHS Band Booster
December 2017 Minutes

Meeting called to order 6:34pm

Those in Attendance: Steve Menefee, Amy Fox, Tricia Bravaner, Lisa Drinkwater, Rachel Ives, Jennifer Petersen, Wendy Burnett, Julie Scholten, Penny Walker, Tasha Miller, Cindy Kudsk

Reading of the Minutes: Jennifer Petersen read the minutes. Tricia Bravener approved them and Wendy Burnett 2nd it.

Directors Report: The winter concert is this Tuesday December 12th. The solo ensemble will be January 27th at Bellingham High School. The band will start playing at basketball games in January.

Treasurers Report: After all of the restricted accounts there is $6,855.81 in our checking account. We have 32,744.27 in savings (after restricted accounts). There is $3,293.50 in our fundraising account. We have $3,035.00 available in fred meyer gift cards.

After all of the expenses we made $2,288.48 at our Fall trinkets and Treasuers.

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Boosters’ Meeting 9/7/17

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FHS Band Boosters Monthly Meeting
September 7, 2017
Meeting Called to order at 6:30pm

Attendance: Laura Reynolds, Ken Reynolds, Amy Fox, Tricia Bravener, Wendy Burnett, Stephanie Dawkins, Jennifer Petersen, Jennifer Vogelzang, Heather Roberts, Janell Kaufman, Julie Rice, Penny Walker, Merrilee Beck

Minutes were read and approved as written by Jennifer Vogelzang and seconded by Jennifer Petersen.

Directors Report: Band camp went awesome this year and we are much further along thanks to all the help we have received from everyone.

Treasurers Report: We have $14,994.23 in our checking account after all of the restricted accounts. We received a total of $1,445.32 from Tour de Whatcom (including tips). We still have Fred Meyer gift cards available to purchase. If interested please email the band.

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Band Booster Meeting Minutes 8/3/17

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Ferndale Band Booster Meeting

Aug 3, 2017

START: 6:38 P.M.

ATTENDANCE:  Wendy Burnett, Laurie Bianco, Stephanie Dawkins, Lynda Ertzinger, Julie Scholten, Greg Hansen, Tasha Miller, Laura Reynolds, Ken Reynolds, Merrilee Beck, Miste Lee, Christy Doyle, Slade Brockett, Jennifer Petersen, Jennifer Vogelzang, & Amy Fox.

READING OF MINUTES:  Laura Reynolds accepted the minutes as sent out and Jennifer Vogelzang 2nd it.

DIRECTOR’S REPORT:  FHS Band Camp schedule will be coming out soon.  Everyone, going to camp, needs to turn in an Accepts Form to be assigned their part in the show.   This is found in the “kids” Facebook FHS Band & Guard.  Music has been sent out to those that have turned in their forms.  If you have trouble finding the form, email Band Boosters.  This needs to be done ASAP so Mr. Menefee can assign your part and have a complete program before Band Camp starts.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  $13,000 in checking and $32,000 in savings accounts, these include all restricted and unrestricted accounts.  Fred Meyer gift cards are available year round and Wendy Burnett had some on hand if people wanted to purchase some at face value.

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July 2017 Booster’s Meeting

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Band Booster Meeting

July 6, 2017

CALL TO ORDER: 6:34p.m.

READING OF MINUTES:  Lisa Drinkwater was added to last month’s minutes

DIRECTOR’S REPORT: Theme is New World Century

TREASURER’S REPORT: $10,000 is checking & $50,000 in savings.  More Fred Meyer gift cards were sold at last concert.  Some Styrofoam was sold but may want to keep some for new theme this year.


UNIFORMS:  Would like to have fittings prior to band camp, starting with upper classmen.  Some kids will be playing at a wedding Aug 12.   Dates will be sent out later for fittings.

VOLUNTEER:  Jennifer Petersen wrote up job descriptions for a lot of the volunteer positions.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS:  Clothing was gathered from the schools from the lost and found.  A few schools had some more.  Anything that was boxed was transferred to bags.  Trailer will be hauling to Value Village and the band receives 20 cents per pound of clothing.  This will be a year round gathering of clothing to bring in money for the band.

NEW BUSINESS:  Tour de Whatcom and Old Settler’s Parade are on the same day-July 29.  Need volunteers for all three locations:  Alger, Lynden, and Ferndale.  We receive money for doing this and get to collect the tips received from these three locations.  Each shift, at each location, will need to have at least one person with a food handler’s permit.  See sign up for this.

Band council is requesting money for activities.  It was thought that they should have a spending of $100 each year.  They really don’t use the full amount.

ENDING:  6:57p.m.

Next booster meeting to be held at Jennifer Petersen’s house, 6211 Parkland Way, Ferndale, at 6:30p.m.  All are welcomed!